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Solano County Fairfield, CA, USA
May 10, 2019
Full Time
The Employment & Eligibility Division of Solano County Health & Social Services administers various federal, state, and local government programs designed to provide health coverage, food, and cash assistance for eligible low-income Solano County residents. The Deputy Director will have strong technical knowledge of public assistance programs to ensure program compliance continues. Program compliance will be a chief concern for the new Deputy Director and cross departmental collaboration, especially with HR, will be required to ensure compliance standards are met. Given that the division is the first point of contact, there is an ongoing process of journey mapping to ensure that the customer experience is as friendly and helpful as possible and the Deputy Director will need be actively engaged to ensure high level service delivery. The Deputy Director will be joining the Department in the midst of shifting to a more integrated service model. This will require a high level of collaboration and a and a team-oriented management style that ensures that all parts of the division work well together within the County health operation.
City of Encinitas Encinitas, CA, USA
Apr 17, 2019
Full Time
In reporting to the City Engineer, the Principal Engineer plays a key role in leading the engineering staff that oversees a variety of different capital improvement projects from project scoping and design through construction, including the management of different contractors to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. The individual must have experience with all facets of the contracting process from requests for proposals (RFPs) through to the management and oversight phases. The Principal Engineer must be a “hands on”, multitasking manager, who can ensure accountability and oversight over multiple projects. As well as possessing strong technical and project management skills, the ideal candidate will have strong financial acumen to verify funding and to make sure that projects remain on budget.